Maryna Odaiska
Graphic Design & Visual Researcher

GUSHKA Design IdentityWool Rugs
Gushka revives traditional Ukrainian craft, creating handmade wool rugs inspired by the mountains. The brand identity's main idea was to connect ancient traditions with the present, building a strong visual code.

Art direction & Design: Maryna Odaiska
Editing and animation: Vova Morrow


MYTDesign IdentityStore in Norway
This offline store offers Ukrainian clothing and decor brands in Norway. The logo shows two women connected by their braids. This visual evokes the two founders and their business model, which connects Ukraine and Norway.

Art direction & Design: Maryna Odaiska
Strategy: Oleksandra Zinenko


Kombucha Package DesignLocal craft drink 
I designed labels for a local craft kombucha during the first days of war-related blackout in Kyiv. This inspired me to use color pencils instead of digital tools. 
I created custom letters for each flavor, referencing the beverage ingredients. For the rose flavor, I used pink rosebuds; for Elderflower, I incorporated blue elderflowers; and the distinctive verbena green leaves appear in the lemon verbena letters.

The design is very lively and natural, which is characteristic of these fermented, effervescent drinks.

I also directed and created the set design for a product photo shoot. I designed and fabricated the vases from found materials. The bottoms of these vases are made of recycled plastic, which reflects the green philosophy of the company. 

  • Graphic & Set Designer: Maryna Odaiska
  • Font: Glock Grotesk by Tsankotype
  • Photographer: Alexander Bryl
  • Client: 


Banner Print Design50-meter banner 
Brabrabra is a brand of women's comfortable underwear. They chose a daring outdoor display to feature their unique bra closure, playing on the slogan ТРИМАЄМОСЬ “We hold strong!”.

Design & Art Direction for
Idea & Copy: @cherniavska_maryna


    Klumba objectResearch & ArtConcrete objects
    This project celebrates traditional flower pots in Ukraine. It started with photography of iconic concrete flower pots produced between the 1960s and 1990s, and grew to a collection of concrete mini vases and candles.

    Klumba aims to contribute to the research into Ukrainian urban culture and capture it in the form of small art objects.

    So far I have created three concrete flower pots - vases that can be placed on a table, planted with flowers, or used as an organizer. This first collection is dedicated to the traditional street pots of Kyiv.

    In the next stage, I plan to create collections of objects inspired by street flower pots from Lviv, Chernivtsi, and other cities of Ukraine. Also, I plan to make an art book — a study with a collection of photos of street vases.

    I believe that this project is especially important in times of war, when the issue of Ukrainian identity is extremely important and our cultural heritage is being destroyed daily.

    You can follow our page on Instagram:

    2020 — now

    Custom font & Lettering Type DesignDigital
    Experiments with letters, lettering, and creation of “Union” font.




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      Art Direction
      Identity / Packaging / Advertising Start-ups / Beauty / Horeca
      I executed these projects as an art director while working at Kontora studio and as an independent design director.

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