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This  project dedicated to flower pots in Ukraine. It started with a photo fixation of concrete flower pots produced between the 1960-90s and, eventually, resulted in a collection of concrete mini vases and their variation - candles.
The project aims to contribute to the research of Ukrainian urban culture and capture it in the form of small art objects.

So far I have created 3 small mini-objects - concrete flower pots - vases that can be placed on a table, planted with flowers, or used as an organizer of things. This first collection is dedicated to traditional street pots of Kyiv.

As the next stage, I plan to create collections of objects inspired by street flower pots from Lviv, Chernivtsi, and other cities of Ukraine. Also, I have a plan to make an art book — a study with a collection of photos of street vases.

I believe that this project is especially important in times of war, when in Ukraine the issue of identity becomes extremely important and our cultural heritage is being destroyed every day.

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